Learn about my work as a Chaplain, Teacher, Bible Scholar and Catholic Feminist. View my publications and other contributions.

A Homily is a sermon given in the context of a Catholic Mass. I wrote or spoke each of these for a particular community moment.

These offerings connect theologies of Mother Mary with personal religious experience.

Bringing the depths of the Bible and the field of Psychoanalysis together in new ways is at the heart of my scholarly work.

We all have a take on what is unfolding in our world today. These essays offer mine.

For fellow scholars questioning pervasive assumptions about the formation of the Hebrew Bible, this letter offers an overlooked piece of the puzzle.

This exploration of Genesis 2 upends a misconception that has held sway for millennia.

Biblical stories have played a unique role in my conversion and faith life. Here are a few personal re-imaginings of biblical tales.

I invite your thoughts on what you've read on these pages, and your inquiries about my work as a chaplain and teacher.

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