Psychoanalysis & Religion

Studying at Union Theological Seminary in the Psychiatry and Religion department introduced me to fascinating folks practicing their craft in unique ways.

Ann Ulanov

My mentor is a source of deep wisdom at the intersection of God and the human psyche. She has written many wonderful, powerful books.

Books by Ann Ulanov

Pilar Jennings

Pilar is a New York City based psychoanalyst, teacher and writer whose faith tradition is Tibetan Buddhism.

Dr. Pilar Jennings, Psychoanalyst and Writer

Tiffany Houck Loomis

Tiffany and I share a love of psychoanalytic theory and the Hebrew Bible

Dr. Tiffany Houck Loomis, Scholarly Work

Dr. Tiffany Houck Loomis, Psychoanalytic Practice

Lisa Cataldo

Lisa's courses at Fordham University's Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education (offered on campus and also online) are a wonderful and powerful introduction to Psychology and Religion/Spirituality.

And here is an audio recording of a sermon she gave at St. Bart's on "drive-by spirituality".

Lisa Cataldo’s Drive By Spirituality



Jackie Leavitt

Working in both Los Angeles and New York City, Jackie Leavitt is a physical therapist who integrates multiple levels of healing in her work. Powerful and transforming!

Jacqueline Leavitt Integrative Physical Therapy


Spiritual Community

Over the centuries, religion has earned an awful reputation with so many on our planet. Religion and integrity do not always go hand in hand. And yet the search for meaning needs community. Mindful of how easy it is for religious institutions and organizations to mishandle the vulnerability of those who seek them out, I am always grateful to discover places of worship and reflection with integrity.

Revolutionary Love

Like thousands of others, I saw a YouTube video of Valerie Kaur’s Watch Night service sermon and wanted to be a part of this Sikh activist’s movement. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, pastor of the vibrant Middle Collegiate Church in the East Village of NYC, also leads this charge for love.

Revolutionary Love Movement

Valerie Kaur's Blog

Reverend Jacqueline Lewis

Women’s Ordination Conference

This organization, working tirelessly and in a deeply spiritual way, for the end of gender discrimination in Catholic priesthood, has been a source of hope and support. WOC has given voice to my own vocational journey as a Catholic priest.


Their mission statement says it: We seek changes that will provide all Roman Catholics the opportunity to participate fully in Church life and leadership. And they do it with such creativity, passion and inclusivity!


Retreat centers

My own faith comes alive in nature, in silence, and in spaces offered by communities that really practice reverence of the sacred. Here are three retreat centers that do just that.

Mariondale Retreat Center

Ossining, New York

Mariandale Retreat Center

Mercy by the Sea

Madison, Connecticut

Mercy by the Sea


Stockbridge, Massachussetts



Spirituality Online

Connections through a screen are just not the same as gathering together with other human beingsin the same place. But with so much of our lives spent online, it's good to know that one's spirituality can be nurtured through the web if you know where to look.

The Center for Action and Contemplation

The Center for Action and Contemplation, started by Richard Rohr, is a real source of spiritual wisdom. I recommend Richard’s daily email if you want to add something profound to your inbox.

The Center for Action and Contemplation

My friend Dee introduced me to this website, and I love the vibe. There seems to be something simple and special about how they are using their online presence.

Kerry Connelly

Kerry Connelly is an evangelical Christian progressive feminist (yes you read that right) and she also has a great sense of humor. In addition to her blog Jersey Girl Jesus, she has started an online community for progressive Christians called The Banquet.

Jersey Girl Jesus

Angel Messenger

If you are someone who likes consulting Tarot cards, angel cards and the like, here is a source for online angel card readings. It's easy for me to be skeptical about such things, and I don't know anything about the people who run this site, but it seems to me to be a benevolent way to channel one's own intuition.

Want to try it? Call to mind a situation you've been pondering, and click here for a reading.

Angel Messenger, Basic Reading


Music & Art

Our senses are the path to the sacred.

ARAS: The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

This archive requires membership to gain access to the treasure trove of images and symbolism across time and cultures. But there is great public-access content too.

Heather Wise

A fellow theologian, Heather pours it all into her music.

Heather Wise Music

Catherine Steinberg

I saw Catherine Steinberg’s Mary Paintings -- inspired by Mary Magdalene -- on exhibit at Mercy by the Sea. So powerful!

Catherine Steinberg, Mary Paintings

Laura James

I am a fan of James' biblical art and her other sacred images.

Laura James, Sacred Images

Jim LePage

"Biblical' and "hip" aren't two adjectives I often use together, but Jim LePage's artwork is definitely both.

Jim LePage Bible Art

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